Some of our campuses offer the option of taking room and board with a local host family. In each of the beautiful locations where you can find a www.chac-mool campus, you will also have the option of rentingat a local hotel, and sometimes private residences can also be found to rent for the duration of your stay.

Living with a local family is an amazing experience that will provide you with the opportunity to acquire the language, AND explore the culture of Costa Rica. Our homestays in Turrialba have been carefully selected. The host families understand their important role in shaping your immersion experience, and enjoy sharing their culture with students by including them in family gatherings and outings. And because we understand the importance of this part of your visit as well, host families attend school meetings and participate in certain school activities, helping us ensure the best experience possible. At the end of each student’s stay, we ask them to fill out an evaluation of their time with their host family.

All our families are located just 10 – 15 minutes walking from school. Our Housing Director takes into consideration the information students provide on the registration form, such as food requirements, etc, when partnering up students and host families. Your host family will prepare typical Costa Rican food, which we encourage all students to try, and most host families can accommodate dietary requests (ie: vegetarian, etc). Approximately one week before travel, students are notified of the name, address and home phone number of their host family. If you don’t use our pick-up service from the Airport to your host family’s home, you will need provide us with your arrival time in the closest airport, so your host family knows around what time you will arrive at their home

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