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Spanish School in Costa Rica




Learn Spanish at our Spanish School – Spanish School in Costa Rica

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Chac-Mool Spanish School is located in beautiful Costa Rica.

Learning Spanish at Costa Rica can be a a great experience. Our School in Costa Rica offers a the very best environment for learning Spanish, Costa Rica´s beautiful places and it´s wonderful people along with the best teachers are definitelly the perfect combination.

Specially for those who are more adventurous and enjoy outdoors activities our campus at Costa Rica will certainly be ideal for you, located very close to archeological ruins and also close to the tallest volcano in the Costa Rica.

Costa Rica means “Rich Coast” and it is a well earned name, Costa Rica has beautiful beaches on both the Pacific side and the Atlantic side.

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Instituto Chac-Mool
Privada de la Pradera 108, La Pradera, 62170 Cuernavaca, Mor.
Teléfono:01 777 317 2555

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