Progressive Language Learning

Progressive: relating to an educational system that allows flexibility in learning procedures, based on activities determined by the needs and capacities of the individual.

About Chacmool Spanish School

About Chacmool Spanish School

Instituto www.chac-mool Believes

  • “language acquisition” versus “language learning” is the best way competence in a second language occurs.
  • The new language should be naturally acquired and not formed through mental translation from one’s first language.
  • A low anxiety environment, with sympathetic and motivating instruction, is essential to acquiring the target language.
  • A program should be tailored specific to student’s interests and needs, with the flexibility to maximize and accelerate learning even when working within a group.

  • Spanish teachers should not only be native Spanish speakers, but masters in second language acquisition.
  • Personalized attention is essential in helping students achieve their language goals.
  • An understanding of the culture of Mexico makes it easier to acquire the new language.
  • Actively participating students will learn Spanish quickly.

Why is Immersion better than trying to learn Spanish with products such as Rosetta Stone® or Pimsleur®?

Learning a new language while everything around you is in your current language is difficult and a very slow process. Most people dedicate an hour or so a day to these language learning products and then quit because they don’t receive outside motivation or advance at a measurable speed. The products don’t allow you to check your progress with professional instructors, or other speakers. This interaction is very important, as is staying surrounded by the new language every day. While learning a new language, input from others about how you use the language (verbiage, pronunciation, vocabulary) is the most valuable tool you can have.

 Instituto www.chac-mool Sanish Instructors

In addition to being university educated and native Spanish speakers, all of our teachers have been instructed in Stephen Krashen’s Theory of Language Acquisition. Stephen Krashen is an expert in the field of linguistics, specializing in theories of language acquisition and development. Much of his research has involved the study of non-English and bilingual language acquisition.

Our Spanish instructors are also taught the Seven Intelligences enabling the instructor to identify each student’s learning ability, so that instruction may be tailored specifically to the individual.

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