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Plastic Insulation Greenhouse Outdoor Sunscreen Windproof Waterproof M2 180g Green Double-Sided Tarpaulin Tarpaulin- Cloth Balcony 5m) 3 (Size Cover Waterproof Tarpaulin Camping Window 92073muou2916-Tent Tarps

◆Material: Polyethylene, environmentally friendly plastic, high temperature heat sealing technology, increase tear resistance, waterproof, mildewproof, cold, anti-aging static, pre-cooling, hard, lightweight
◆ Weight: 180 g / square meter, thickness: 0.38 mm
◆Features: rainproof, heat insulation, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, foldable
◆Applicable to: Can be used for plant potted flower greenhouse sheds, suitable for houses, gardens, outdoor, camping, etc.
◆Precautions for use: For long-term use, try to avoid sharp objects, and do not drag on the ground. The size of the specification is our cutting size. The tarpaulin needs heat sealing and edging. The size is insufficient. Please refer to the actual size.Tarpaulin- Tarpaulin Double-Sided Green 180g   M2 Waterproof Windproof Sunscreen Outdoor Greenhouse Insulation Plastic Cloth Balcony Window Camping Tarpaulin Waterproof Cover (Size   3  5m)